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Gentjan Saraqi

Gentjan (“Genti”) Saraqi¬† is a thirteen year-old boy from Tirana, Albania who came into contact with the Fundjave Ndryshe (FD, or “Different Weekend” in english) Foundation which helps families in need throughout Albania. A picture of Genti appeared on their website, showing him happy and smiling after his family received some groceries and other assistance. The Albanian Smiles Foundation (ASF) noticed Genti’s front teeth were showing significant decay and if left untreated, could cause him serious health issues in the future. If he did not receive immediate assistance, this young boy would lose most if not all of his front teeth and live in pain on top of enduring the difficult living conditions on the outskirts of Tirana.

The ASF contacted the founder of Fundjave Ndryshe to support Genti with his dental needs. Very quickly thereafter, Genti received treatment including receiving multiple fillings and posterior implants from the very reputable Italian-Albanian clinic, Diamond Dental, located in Tirana. The boy spent many summer days in the dentist’s chair as most of his teeth were compromised. Now, however, all of his upper teeth have been saved and were repaired with tooth-colored fillings that look natural. Previously, he was subjected to bullying from some of his classmates due to the condition of his teeth but starting this fall semester he was cavity-free, pain-free, happy, and no longer the subject of taunting from his peers. Later in the fall of 2018, Monika of the ASF received a video message from Genti thanking the ASF: “Teta Monika shume faleminderit per ndhimen tuaj!” (Thank you, Aunt Monika, very much for your kindness!”)

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